Homeless Services In Lake City

Outreach Workers In Lake City

In 2020, members of the Lake City community worked with District 5 City Council Member, Debora Juarez’s office, to secure the budget for two full time outreach workers specifically for Lake City. The link to the request for quotes and the budget action item can be found here:

Link to RFQ

Budget Action Item

$220K had been allocated for these two positions. As of 5/18/21 only one position had been filled and services were only part time leading up to that date. The contracting for the two positions were handled through the Seattle Human Services Department (HSD). On May, 18th, Kevin Mundt, with HSD provided the below update following the sweep of Albert Davis Park.

“Seattle Indian Center (SIC) hired one of the two FTE Lake City outreach positions last month. They are actively looking to fill the remaining position. Provider capacity remains a challenge for our homelessness service providers and as of yet, none of the providers as part of the neighborhood-specific outreach RFQ are fully staffed.

As Dean mentioned, SIC was on the ground daily leading up to the encampment removal at Albert Davis Park. From April 22 through May 7, there were 25 referrals from the Albert Davis Park vicinity. 18 of those referrals were from SIC. Some of the shelters referred to include:

      • Executive Hotel Pacific (11 of the 25 referrals)
      • Jan and Peter’s Place
      • Lakefront Community House
      • Navigation Center
      • Blaine Center
      • Interbay Tiny Home Village

The Executive Hotel Pacific opened in March and is funded at least through the end of the year. The program includes onsite wraparound services, case management, and housing navigation, including an dedicated rapid rehousing (RRH) program. The goal is for all who enter this enhanced shelter program will exit to permanent housing including RRH or permanent supportive housing.”

Questions regarding the status of and work of the two positions can be directed to Kevin at kevin.mundt@seattle.gov – phone number (206)580-8754