Improvements to 127th NE

A reason to celebrate!

Message from Lake City Greenway’s Janine Blaeloch:

Thanks to an Only in Seattle grant secured by Chris Leverson of Build Lake City Together; prioritization by SDOT’s maintenance crew, coordination by SDOT’s Howard Wu, and years of noise from Lake City Greenways and many, many Lake City residents……we have new pavement on the notorious stretch of NE 127th between 28th and 30th!
The late Chuck Dickey called it The Swamp. A danger to all users, with just one travel lane (or less); serially repaired in patches with almost no benefit; and a challenge to the very dignity of our neighborhood.
The SDOT maintenance crew recognized that drainage is a contributing factor to the ragged condition of this street and have re-graded the road in the hope that it will drain and better survive the heavy use it gets.
We’ll keep working to improve this critical walking, biking, and driving route. In the meantime, enjoy the smooth ride!