Free Take Home Summer Meal Program

Message from Hunger Intervention and Executive Director, Srijan Chakraborty

“Hello everyone!
Hunger Intervention Program (HIP), along with many of our partners in the region, has started distributing free take-home summer meals for kids and teens across the region. Please see the attached flyer with information about HIP’s summer meals sites this year. Please distribute this information widely, email, share on social media, post the flyer at community boards etc. We appreciate your help in getting the word out so that anyone in need can access this resource.
Note that all of HIP’s summer meals sites also provide free meals for parents/caregivers and on Fridays, we give out Healthy HIP Packs for the weekend. On Mondays, everyone gets a week’s worth of breakfast food as well.
If you need printed flyers, please let Jen (copied here) know. We also have the flyer available in five different languages (Spanish, Tigrinya, Somali, Oromo, and Amharic) if you need them. Just let us know.
You can find a comprehensive list of all Summer Meals sites by all providers here: Although, this site is still being updated and doesn’t have all the latest information yet.