Food is Love Project Update 4-16

Lake City and Central Seattle Food is Love Project By the Numbers

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As of April 16th the program has served 3,004 meals across Northgate/Lake City, Central/Capitol Hill and Encampments. Meals served by area:

Central: 1,301
North: 1,376
Encampments: 327

We have partnered with local restaurants to serve these meals including:

Lake City Gyros / Pho An / Mount & Bao
Jose Taqueria / Enat / Kaffeeklatsch
Villa Verde / Beyond the Bowl

Terra Plata / June Baby / Marjorie
Olmstead / Star Asian Fusion /Rancho Bravo
Pagliacci / Ian’s Pizza

So far through our grassroots fundraising the program has raised over $17,000.

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