Build Lake City Store Front a Dream Come True

Outreach in the Heart of Lake City

As project manager for “Build Lake City Together” (BLCT) under the administration of the Children’s Home Society of Washington (CHSW) I am thrilled to share that BLCT has a store front space on Lake City Way. This has been a long time dream of many of us working here in Lake City. One of the primary neighborhood goals of BLCT is to connect people to information and resources so that all our neighbors can advocate and give energy to what is important to them. The space will act as an information station for local efforts and a place to come in order to find out how to get involved with our partners and within the BLCT Community Action Plan. The space located at 12545 Lake City Way northeast is a prime location in our central business district.

BLCT will have office hours there to help people learn more about Lake City efforts and the work of CHSW and the North Seattle Family Resource Center around support of children and families. We are also very honored to be able to offer space to the Lake City Collective (LCC Facebook page) who we are working with on outreach and support of our small local businesses. We look forward to hosting many of our partner organizations to provide outreach, materials and information on all the amazing work being done in the community. Part of the location will also be our BLCT “Business Incubator” space. We are very excited to have the Refugee Artisan Initiative be our first business model sharing the space. You can learn more about RAI’s work  by clicking here.

On June 12th we had a “volunteer painting party” for the inside of the space and we were fortunate to have many volunteers from Wells Fargo join in. The volunteers from several Wells Fargo branches around the city showed up to lend a hand and made fast work of the effort. Dwight Prevo from the Wells Fargo corporate offices stopped by and helped to secure donated furniture for the space. BLCT is funded in part by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation. We were also joined by members of District 5 Councilmember Debora Juarez;s staff. We had visits throughout the day from other BLCT partners and partner organizations including Hunger Intervention Program (who provided a much needed hydration station), Literacy Source, Mark Mendez of “Lake City Young Leaders”, LCNA’s Tim and Sandy Motzer and many of our wonderful CHSW staff.  A special thanks to BLCT steering committee members Nance Blase, Kevin Hillman, Cesar Garcia and Phil Shack for rolling up their sleeves and helping with the work. Big thank you to Sherwin Williams for donating the paint. The crew and guests were treated to goodies donated by Kaffeeklatsch and Elliott Bay Brewery.

Cesar Garcia of Lake City Collective
Kevin Hillman of Olympic Hills PTA and LC Skatepark


We are looking to have the space open the first part of July and more information will follow soon as we hope to have an open house within the next few weeks. Please do join us to “Build Lake City Together” and improve the lives of children, families and all those that live, work and recreate in this community.