BLCT Meeting Notes for June 17, 2021

Community Meeting Notes from Monthly Meeting

Next Meeting – July 27th from 3-4:30

Updates –

  • Two Events on Sunday
    • Piloting a market street closure on Sunday from 1-5:30 on 31st NE
      • One of our guests tonight, Friendly Hmong Flowers, will be there with some flower arrangements and some produce
      • Some of the business will set up some tables and we will have a couple local artists with their work
      • We will also have seating and encourage everyone to come down and get some lunch or dinner from a local spot and enjoy
    • Clean up is also happening from 1-3 and people will meet at our BLCT office at 12545 LCW
  • The amazing Nancy Pew, Monica Sweet and I are planning to bring back a limited concert series this summer – plan is for 3 events in the library plaza and one at Virgil Flaim – Nancy will be the opener reading children’s stories
    • As soon as we have the dates, we will get those posted
  • Save the date – working with Aorta Arts we will be having a Lake City Car Show on September 18th on 31st and in the Chase Bank Barking lot area
    • More details to come
  • We are looking at a three session seminar in partnership with Seattle Neighborhood Group on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design –
    • Recently had a great visit with their new ED Tomasina
    • We will be using 123rd to 125th and LCW as our street to focus on but elements that we learn should be able to translate to other areas
    • If you are interested in taking part you can email me
      • There will be 3 sessions between July 19th and August 14th

each session will be about 3 hours and we would ask that participants commit to all 3

Friendly Hmong Farms
Friendly Vang-Johnson – Founder of Friendly Hmong Farms – CSA that sources from about 20 farmers around the Puget Sound.  Primarily Hmong farmers.  Starting to source veggies and fruits from other immigrant / refugee farmers.
– Volunteer powered.  Youth coordinator is paid
– 14-17 yr old youth-farm partnership

Seatango – Monica Di Bartolomeo –
– New business in Lake City – Italian family born in Argentina, living in Washington for around 28 years.  Bakery on Lake City Way – Sweet and Savory – Empanadas, Argentina-style pizza.
12728 Lake City Way NE – in the Solara Apartment.
Started in a kiosk in the Spice Bridge food hall / business incubator.
9 flavors of empanada – Breakfast egg and cheese scramble, egg spinach and cheese, beef, chicken, spicy tuna, 4 cheese and ham, spinach, spicy onion and cheese, corn.
Open Tue-Thur, 8am-4pm.  Fri 8-7.  Sat 10-7.

American Rescue Plan Funding – Dean Allsop / D5 CM Juarez
– One-time spending dollars from the federal government for the city to spend
– Seattle Council Bill CB 120093 and 120094
– $116M of CLFR funds (flexible)
– $12M of HOME investment (targeted aid)
– Authorizes $103M in expenditures and $25M in revenue replacement
– CR 13999
– $49.2M  – Housing and Homelessness
– $28.5 – permanent affordable housing – Lake City and D5 and Aurora Corridor are areas deemed high risk for displacement
– $6.7M rapid rehousing
– $1.3M funding for diversion
– $12.7M additional for emergency housing, shelter and services
– $23M Community & Small business recovery
– $22M for Neighborhood and Downtown Recovery
– $41.5M Community Well-Being
– $35.1M Community Assistance for trauma-informed response
– $5M expansion for child care facilities.
– $3m child care workers
– $1.1M reopening Seattle Library
– $7M – Community Assistance and Programming
– $2.5M – 20 miles of permanent Stay Healthy Streets
– $7.6M – Reopening City Programs and Services
– IT upgrades, deep cleaning, PPE, signage, air filtration

Questions around housing assistance, homeless services, and timing.
Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program (EPRAP) from King County:

Farmers Market Announcement – Molly
– Every Thursday, starting July 1st. 3pm-7pm – NE 125th

Hunger Intervention Program – Srijan
– Reworking how to do their work – switching from congregant meals to take-home meals and deliveries
– Went from 250 packs to 1000+ packs per week in one program
– Most programs saw a large increase in demand
– Doing more pop-up pantries and delivering groceries
– In summer we typically do meals for kids who are out of school and also programs to keep kids engaged.
– Last summer, did take-home packs — and the school meals continued through the school year.
– This year will add more locations, a total of 12 locations.
– 5 in Seattle, 5 in Shoreline.
– Lake City Court, Lake City Park, Farmers Market, Jackson Park
– Program is for children, but give food to adults too so nobody is denied a meal.
– Arts and crafts, food science, educational programs, gardening at the lake city court p-patch.
– Will keep some take-home activities, but adding in-person activities back.
– It is a partnership program – welcome groups to work with in helping

Literacy Source – Shira – BLCT Lead Partner Profile
– Rent a part of the Mennonite building.
– Adult education – ESL, citizenship, GED, ready-to-work classes (resumes, interviews, etc.), conversation classes, used to work in jails (will resume in Sept.) to do adult education.
– During covid, moved to 100% virtual.
– Had a large decrease in students during the pandemic … more students signed up in Sept. than ever before.
– Lots of volunteer opportunities.
– Judy Kuguru is a case manager with Literacy Source
– Shira Rosen is co-executive director
– Classes are all free to students