August BLCT Meeting

Notes and Info From August 19th Meeting

Video Link: Click Here

Full Written Notes: Build Lake City Together Meeting 08-19-2021

Next Meeting: Tuesday, September 28, 2021  Information on Evictions and Eviction Moratorium with a panel form King County

Link to Video Recording:

 Build Lake City Together Updates:

  • Next Clean Up is September 19th from 1-3 (meet at 12545 Lake City Way)
  • Melanie reached out regarding the scheduled clean ups for 33rd (we will be sure to encourage people to visit 33rd during our events and want to support any ongoing efforts there
  • We will also be working to address 30th Ave NE – if you live on or near 30th and would like to be connected to that effort please contact
  • 31st Ave Street Closures have been successful
    • Considering a weekly event next year
  • Late Summer Lake City Car Show will be on September 18th from 11-5
    • Will be along 31st Ave and the Chase Bank Parking Lot
    • Live music and Lance Lambert will MC
  • Needed to reschedule our 18th concert in the library plaza due to permitting issues
    • Working to get an event in before the end of summer
  • Miranda discussed “Back to School Drive” through the North Seattle Family Resource Center

 Orca Link in LC & Transportation Updates – Service Change Info, route cancelations/revisions     Kristine Edens and David Vander Zee – Transportation Planners

Online Resources and Contact from Chat

Get Ready Pages: English:





Which ORCA Fare:

From  Kristine Edens (she/her) King County Metro  to  Everyone:






From  Miranda Heath  to  Everyone:

People can sign up in person and receive a card on the spot or we can help them over the phone to sign upon-line and they’ll receive a card in 6-8 weeks by mail. Call our center for more information: 206-364-7930

Business Profile – Grocery Outlet Owner – Logan

Updates from LEAD and HOPE Team

            Samuel Wolf (LEAD) – Erica Azcueta (HSD)           

Art Installation Updates from Mark

Community Service Officers  – Crime and Safety Q&A                                                                   

  • Sgt. Nelson –
  • Mark Solomon –, 206-386-9766

North Precinct Advisory Council Meetings are open to the public – please consider attending. Here is the email contact: