January 25, 2020

A Busy and Fun Filled Day in Lake City

  • 10am to 1pm – Sewing Class with the Refugee Artisan Initiative and Artisan Julie from Burma. “We are excited to announce we are offering our first class, led by our talented artisan, Julie! Julie moved to the US from Burma and supports herself and her three children through the Refugee Artisan Initiative and other professional sewing projects.” 
    Tickets are $50 each

  • 4pm to 6pm – Coyote North Grand Opening



  • 6pm to 9pm – Horrible Art Gala
    • Lake City Community Center – 12531 28th Ave. NE
      • The Horrible Art Gala is partnered with City of Seattle this year to create a celebration of art, promoting discussion between class hierarchy, subjective thought, and the definition of what makes something “horrible”—All while generating donations for the cities’ Education Scholarship Program, a fund that allows low-income families to appreciate classes and events community centers offer for a fraction of the cost. This year we’re doing that through the lens of “PROM”, and we’re hoping to create an event that is five times bigger and more successful that last years’! We’re going to be holding the event at Lake City Community Center, January 25th (A Saturday), from 6pm-9pm!
        Regular donations (Cash, Credit, Check!) will be taken at the front desk all night, and we will be having a silent auction of some delightfully HORRIBLE art all night long!
      • Interested in being an artist? Please let HAG know by sending an email to Duncan.Star-Boszko@seattle.gov. He’ll reach back out to you, and talk about what type of art you’d like to bring!

Enjoy Lake City!