BLCT Community Meeting Notes

April Notes

Thursday, April 28th from 6-7pm

Facilitator: Mark Mendez

Support: Ann Fuller (NSFRC Site Supervisor) and Lauren Jay (NSFRC Administrative Assistant II)

Presenters: Ben Wahl, Kimberlyh Harrell, and Tracy Banaszynski

Ben Wahl

  • Thrive Seattle Living (Lake City location): Micro Apartments – subsidized units (NFT program).
    • 20-30 units occupied by autistic young adults from Ryther
  • Ryther ( ): Serves autistic youth – helps to assimilate. Has eager youth who want to work/volunteer in the community.
  • In the Loop Café –
    • Will launch by appointment but hopes to open up to full time
    • Theme based community events with specific topics
    • Will largely serve the neuro-divergent community but open to all
    • Will be run by the autistic young adults from Thrive
    • Interested in collaborating with the Lake City Farmers Market to encourage farmers market patrons to check out nearby businesses
  • New Park: wants to encourage an “active” park.
    • Goal – evening basketball tournaments


Kimberly Harrell Outreach screening coordinator 206-200-3521, Ailene Richards (REACH) – 206-451-3069 –

  • REACH is the umbrella organization
    • Works with unhoused adults who have been unable to access services for a variety of different reasons including: physical disabilities, struggles with behavioral and mental health, substance abusers, legal issues – these are barriers that might prevent someone from accessing resources that are available
    • Provides intensive outreach and long-term engagement.
    • 8 case managers who travel around the city to meet participants
    • Not many resources in Lake City. Shelter services are unavailable or participants don’t want to use them.
  • LEAD (Let Everyone Advance with Dignity) is a program within REACH
  • What can community members do to help? Can we refer?
    • Community referrals come from GLA and other similar organizations
    • Small team and cannot take referrals from just anyone in order to keep case loads at a reasonable number
    • Can call Kimberley or Ailene to do a possible referral


Tracy Banaszynski – Lake City Floodplain Park Update

  • Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group – Local Non-profit that works to protect and preserve local streams and salmon habitats
  • Project Site:
    • 2318 NE 125th Street
  • Land was purchased by Seattle Parks and Rec and Seattle Public Utilities
  • An opportunity to create more green space
  • Really wants community feedback
  • Community Workshop #1 – March 2022
    • Gathered information from the community about their hopes for the space in the future
      • Community feedback analysis: nature, safety, community, trails
    • Community Workshop #2 – Mid-Summer?
      • Park ideas that came from workshop 1
      • Community discussion to create a design sketch
    • Structure demolition – Mid-May
    • Project funding comes from King County Conservations Futures, King County Flood Control District, and King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks Wastewater Treatment Division
    • Contact Information
    • Ann: Are you getting input from local children and youth?
      • Not yet but would love to.
      • Will coordinate with NSFRC to get children and youth feedback

Kelly’s Cannoli’s

  • Working on a permit to move the stand due to a nearby sink hole

Mark Mendez

  • Poetry night at the Lake City Community Center with published poets and an open mic – Friday, April 29th
  • Lake City Parade is coming back!
  • Music in the Parks – Free Concerts/Live Music in July
  • Lake City Farmers Market is coming back