30th Ave. Sidewalks and Drainage Systems

Update on Lake City Project

Work on the sidewalk and natural drainage project between NE 130th St and NE 137th St is nearly complete! Crews are putting on the finishing landscape touches and plan to complete punch list items over the next week or two. Now that the project is nearing the end, we’d like to remind you of ongoing maintenance.
Who is responsible for maintaining the natural drainage systems (NDS)?
Seattle Public Utilities is responsible for the watering, weeding and general upkeep of the natural drainage systems to ensure proper function. Residents are not required to pay for or perform any maintenance. In fact, it is important for residents to stay out of the NDS areas so they maintain their function. What about the street trees and newly planted areas that are not part of the natural drainage system?

For all new street trees and for planting that is not part of the natural drainage system, the project funds maintenance for 3 years after installation is complete. Adjacent property owners are responsible for maintaining the non-NDS planting strip in front of their property after the 3-year establishment period. SDOT will continue to manage all of the street trees as a permanent public resource to be protect and enjoyed.

What’s Next?
We’re planning a new sidewalk just north of this project! We are currently designing a new sidewalk to be built on the east side of 30th Ave NE from NE 137th St and NE 143rd St as soon as 2020. This new sidewalk extension will create one continuous sidewalk on this busy corridor, and in partnership with private development, connect the sidewalk network on 30th Ave NE to the Seattle city limits at NE 145th St. We will begin sending out more information about this project through this email listserv in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned!

Thank you again for your patience during construction!
Contact us with questions: email PedestrianImprovements5@seattle.gov or call 206-727-3575.