What Is the Only In Seattle Grant?

The Only In Seattle Grant (OIS) is a city funded program to help promote and strengthen economic growth within a neighborhood business district. The city has experienced success implementing the initiative throughout Seattle neighborhoods since 2011. The program concentrates on five basic principles in order to empower businesses owners and communities to organize them around a common vision. The five areas of concentration are: Business and Retail Development/Business Organization Development/Clean and Safe Programs/Appearance and Pedestrian Environment Improvements/Marketing and Promotion. To achieve success within these areas, engaging the community as a whole has proven essential. Representation by a broad and diverse group of stakeholders working toward a common vision for our Lake City business district is the key to our success.

The city has recognized the energy and potential in Lake City and is investing in our efforts. In the first year of the OIS grant our work is to create a sustainable organization for future funding, conduct community outreach, engage our businesses, and develop a plan through a common vision for our business district. Thirty-thousand dollars has been awarded to Lake City to achieve these goals through the guidance of BDS Consulting. Brian Douglas Scott and his team will be working closely with our community stakeholders and lead agency to help reach benchmarks and plan strategically for investment in Lake City’s economic growth potential.

More information regarding the Only In Seattle Grant Initiative can be found here.


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