Lake City Way Holiday Deals and Treats

Head on over to Lake City Way for some great Holiday treats and good deals!

Seatango – Holiday treats at the Argentinean Bakery! 12728 LCW NE

KaffeeKlatsch– German-themed coffeehouse with pastries, and Holiday goodies. 12513 LCW N H

TurnTables and Trails– Vinyl Deal-  a Great gift for someone interested in music. 12351 LCW NE

Audio Technica ATLP3XBT Turntable and Edifier R1700BT speakers for $450 instead of $500
Audio Technica ATLPW40WN Turntable and R1700BT speakers for $475 instead of $550.
These are both the perfect mid-level simple starter package for those hoping to get into vinyl for the first time.