How You Can Support the Banda Family

Hit and Run Victim’s Family Needs Donations to Honor Wishes

Photo Courtesy of Lake City Collective

Message from Claudine Wallace with Sound Generations

“Dear Lake City community,
Thank you to all of you who have expressed support, stopped by with donations and showed up at the vigil for Maria Banda on Monday (10/14). It means so much. In fact, it’s the only thing that is helping right now.
The family has shared their Gofundme page with us if you are able to contribute anything to it and can pass to your networks. This is one way right now to show her husband, her children, grandchildren and friends that we collectively care and Maria’s life matters.

Go Fund me for Maria’s family to help pay with funeral expense – her wish was to be buried in Mexico:
Click Here to Donate

Many of you saw the Seattle Times article. We would like to thank the local business owner of the Friendly Foam Shop that thought to notify them as it turns out the story didn’t show up on their blotter the way most traffic injuries do. Similar to how the case was not assigned a detective until 10/9.
The statement that we sent did not make it into the Seattle Times story so we thought we would share it here so at least our voice is heard within our immediate community. Below is the statement we sent them on Monday (10/14):
We realized we had to share the news of Maria’s passing—and of the hit and run which left Maria and her husband in the hospital with serious injuries—widely, as we realized that an investigation had not been undertaken, and that there was no news about the tragic incident in the community. It wasn’t until after we notified Councilmember Debora Juarez, who responded promptly and involved the SPD as well as SDOT, that we got news that a detective had been assigned to the case. The police did not even know that Maria had passed away as a consequence of her injuries sustained during the hit and run, and thus did not treat the case as such. We were worried that the lack of response and follow-up to the case was due to the fact that Maria and her husband are persons of color as well as older adults, and thus not as worthy of attention or concern. We want to ensure that all persons are treated equally and equitably, particularly senior citizens, who are often marginalized within society.
Thank you for your support and kindness through this difficult time.
Feel free to reach out or stop by the Lake City Seniors Program (at the Lake City Community Center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-3pm).
~Claudine, Vedrana, Akira & Martha”