What is Happening at the Lake City Pond?

Fenced pond at 3315 NE 125th Street Gets Some Love

Lake City Pond Maintenance Project Summer – Fall 2019
“This summer, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is performing maintenance on Lake City Pond (3315 NE 125th St). We will be removing sediment to restore the pond to its original designed condition. SPU built the pond in 1997 for flood control. It reduces storm flows in Littlebrook Creek before they enter Thornton Creek. The pond has been maintained in the past with minor activities. This year’s dredging will be extensive. SPU hopes to establish more regular maintenance approach that doesn’t require major dredging. Throughout June, SPU prepared the pond for upcoming work. This included vegetation removal. We’re now moving into the next phase of the project; there will be more equipment, vehicles, and activity on site.

Click Here for the Full Information Sheet from SPU