Kids’ “Urban Survival Skills” Fair

Kids’ “Urban Survival Skills” Fair
Saturday, Feb 8
2pm – 5pm
Meadowbrook Community Center
(10517 35th Ave NE, 98125)

In conjunction with the 10th Annual Sustainable NE “Hands On!” Fair.

Seven stations designed to engage and teach kids (of all ages) skills they can use throughout their lives. All the stations are interactive and designed to be fun and engaging. Adults will learn a great deal as well.

  • Fight a simulated fire with a fire extinguisher. It’s not as easy as you might imagine.
  • Learn what natural gas smells like (scratch-and-sniff stickers) and how to turn off the flow on a real gas meter.
  • Learn how to secure furniture and pictures so they don’t fall on you during an earthquake. Practice using a stud finder and museum putty.
  • Discover mobile apps that are great to have in an emergency.
  • First aid for people and pets, knot-tying, etc.
  • Practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” similar to musical chairs. Except no one loses. There’s space for everyone under the table!
  • Kids will put together a “Get Home” bag for the adult in their life who regularly picks them up from school. Supplies inside will make the person’s walk to get them (assuming traffic is a mess after a big event) a little more comfortable.
    And much more!!
    Don’t miss it! Your kids will thank you some day!