Business Highlights

Aorta Artist Productions is one of Build Lake City Together’s Business Incubators. They produced a short film for the lovely Lake City Argentinean Bakery,  SeaTango

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More about Aorta Artist Productions 

Hello, my name is Jeremy DeCory. I am a local Lakota native artist and founder of Aorta Artist Productions located here in Lake City. We currently are at 12700 LCW and operate behind Thriftology. 

Our work is centered around photography and video production and our company is made up of lifelong artists working in many mediums. With a 20-year history of creating art we strive to provide immersive art experiences and work from the belief that art expression is part of mental health. 

Opportunities with Aorta 

  • We are currently seeking actors, models, and those that might be interested in taking part in some of our podcasting efforts 
  • We are particularly interested in connecting with local natives of all tribes to join us for “NATIVE VOICES”
    • The goal is to gather and to empower ourselves and each other through the sharing of knowledge, information, and folklore. This effort to preserve stories and traditions that are so rich and enjoyable needs your support in spreading the word and helping us connect. 
  • We are also seeking artist speakers on a mini docuseries called “ARTWORK IS REALWORK!” 
    • A chance for artists to discuss all the hard work that goes into the creation of all forms of art, that people might not have seen if they had not done it themselves. We want to share the dedication which goes into creating art, so people are more informed and understand why sometimes artwork has the price tag that it does. “ARTWORK IS REAL WORK” is here to show people inside the stories …the struggles, and the joys of creating art. 

If you are interested in participating in either podcast, or have interest in acting/ modeling, email me at

Please feel free to message and to check out me as Jermicidalta2 on Instagram as well as @AORTA artists.  

Let’s get together and make something unique! Please help us KEEP LAKE CITY WEIRD!