Lake City Floodplain Update

Winter 2023 Update

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Site Updates

  • Demolition restoration efforts, such as installing woodchips and plantings, are being coordinated. The temporary bridge crossing will remain in place until these tasks are complete.
  • The chain-link security fencing along NE 125th Street was damaged. The City contacted the fence rental company for repair.
  • We have received notice that the project sign is being vandalized. The project team is brainstorming ideas for keeping the sign clean and/or an alternate solution for keeping those passing the property informed of the project.

Upcoming Participation

  • We have received inquiries regarding the naming process for the future park. The Parks Naming Committee will take the lead on this effort. Please view a recent Lake City park public naming example on SPR’s blogpost. Although the naming process will commence further along in the design, it’s never too early to start brainstorming!
  • The team is continuously planning ways to share information about the project and receive feedback on how the community would like to use the space. Please reach out if you have ideas or questions!
  • Team Progress
    • After three successful community meetings in 2022, the design team has been working hard to synthesize the input and develop an “Options Analysis” document which will be presented to the City partners at the end of February. The design team will then be finalizing a preferred 10% design.
    • The project team is continuing to finalize and receive feedback for guidelines on taking the project from conceptual design through construction. The document will be used to update the City’s executive leadership and for approval on our approach for moving the project forward.
    • The creation of a truly inclusive park is only possible if the needs and dreams of our diverse community are represented throughout the entire project. We need your ideas about how this green space can best serve the needs of Thornton Creek and the Lake City community.

      Please reach out to Tracy Banaszynski with any questions or to give feedback about how to bring this park to life. We need and value your voice!

      Wishing you a connected and fulfilling 2023,
      Tracy and the entire Lake City Floodplain Park Project Team