Prioritize Projects in Your Community

Your Voice Your Choice and Greenways Opportunities

Message for Lake City Greenway’s Janine Blaeloch:

“Just as we begin the Neighborhood Street Fund community prioritization process, the Dept. of Neighborhoods is also starting the annual Your Voice, Your Choice participatory budgeting program for street and park projects. This is the program in which Lake City/District 5 has had overwhelming participation, and some of our projects are now being built.

Please read on to see how you can participate in both these programs.

(1) Neighborhood Street Fund proposals were submitted back in November. D 5 has 57 proposals, of which 35 are in the greater Lake City area. These projects cost between $100K and $1 million.

We can all vote to prioritize NSF projects, either online or at one of two D 5 meetings happening this week and next:
PLEASE COME to a meeting or vote online!

Go here for information and voting

(2) Your Voice, Your Choice projects can be proposed by anyone living, working, or spending time in a Council district and may cost up to $90K.

Lake City Greenways will have an idea-collection gathering for YVYC on Monday, February 11, 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. in the meeting room at our newly-more-fabulous Lake City Branch Library. We’ll brainstorm yet more ways to make our streets safer and green spaces better. These proposals are simple to fill out online or on paper, and we will have materials at hand to make it all easier.

This will be the first of LC Greenways’ newly-established quarterly meetings. We so hope to see you there!


Your Voice Your Choice Results


The votes are in for Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Streets

More than 7200 voted; 51 community projects selected

DISTRICT 5 Projects Selected:

  • Lake City: Walkway Improvements on 33rd Ave NE, between 125th and NE 130th (Cost: $30,000, Total Votes: 392)*
  • Lake City: Crossing Improvements on 33rd Ave NE between NE 125 Street and NE 130 Street (Cost: $70,000, Total Votes: 354)*
  • Lake City: Walkway Improvements on 26th Ave NE from NE 125th St to Virgil Flaim Park (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 314)
  • Little Brook: Intersection Improvements on 32nd Ave NE at NE 137th and NE 140th Streets (Cost: $3,000, Total Votes: 242)*
  • Haller Lake: Crossing Improvements at 1st Ave NE and NE 117th St (Cost: $90,000, Total Vote: 201)
  • Meadowbrook: Traffic Calming and Crossing Improvements at NE 105th St and NE 104th Pl (Cost: $27,500, Total Votes: 196)
  • Broadview: Intersection Improvements at 1st Ave NW and N/NW 137th St (Cost: $2,750, Total Votes: 182)
  • Little Brook: Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Improvements at NE 145th and 30th Ave NE (Cost: $90,000, Total Votes: 174)*

SEATTLE, WA (August 15, 2018) – The results are in! More than 7200 community members voted for their favorite park and street projects and 51 projects have been selected. It’s all part of the City’s Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets, a participatory budgeting program in which community members democratically decide how to spend a portion of the City’s budget.

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Your Voice, Your Choice

This from the Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets<> (YVYC) team. “Thank you so much for participating in YVYC 2017. Now’s your chance to have a voice in determining which projects move forward through the 2018 process!
Starting this Friday, February 23rd, through Wednesday, March 28th, we will have 31<> Project Development meetings across the city and we need your participation! In Project Development, community members take all the ideas submitted during the Idea Collection phase and evaluate them to prioritize 8-10 ideas per Council District. These 2-hour meetings are open to anyone to participate.
We had over 1,000 ideas submitted this year during Idea Collection and we need your help in deciding which ideas should make it to the ballot in June.
1)      Find<> a meeting in your area.
2)      Bring yourself, your friends, neighbors, classmates, coworkers and acquaintances…this meeting is open for everyone!
3)      Meet folks in your area and talk about park and street improvements!
This year, a total of $3 million has been allocated in the 2018 budget and residents can participate in the district where they live, work, go to school, receive services, or volunteer!

Meetings in our area:

Wednesday, February 28 – 1 – 3pm  Lake City Community Center – 12531 28th Ave NE
Saturday, March 3 – 11am – 1pm – Little Brook Meeting, Jackson Park Tutoring Center – 14374 30th NE
Wednesday, March 14 – 3 – 5pm – North Seattle College, ESD/WorkSource Building, Room 142 – 9600 College Way N
Wednesday, March 14 – 6 – 8pm – Meadowbrook Community Center – 10517 35th Ave NE
Thursday, March 15 – 5:30 – 7:30pm – Broadview Branch Library – 12755 Greenwood Ave N