What Happened to Romios?

Still Here with Same Owners, New Name and New Vision

LCFF had a chance to catch up with Petya Kaneva, owner of Villa Verdi, formally Romios Pizza. Petya has been doing business in Lake City for about seven years now and oversaw the recent move from their previous location on LCW  to the new spot at 12360 NE.

How many of you remember Claire’s Pantry?

Petya said that many people had been calling and concerned that they would be loosing their favorite dishes from the Romios menu. She assured me that, while the name has changed, they are retaining the items from the Romios menu. The name change comes with the addition of a wood fired oven and that comes with wood fired pizza. Petya also let me know that the community could expect daily specials and a bit more concentration on Italian style food. They are waiting for the new logo on the menus and a new sign on the front of the building. Check em out when you are out Enjoying Lake City.

What’s Happening at Dick’s?

Construction Underway at Dick’s Lake City Location



LCFF checked in with Jasmine Donovan, VP and Director of Communications with Dick’s Drive In Restaurants www.dicksdrivein.com . Jasmine indicated that they are adding customer restrooms and improving the crew break areas as well as adding some office space and storage. “Additionally we’re adding alley access so that we can take deliveries from the alley rather than our parking lot,” said Donovan.  As for time frame – Donovan communicated that “We hope that the project is completed by the end of February next year. However, the weather has to be a little more accommodating than it was in the month of October”.

Notice that Dick’s is now taking credit cards. Whoohooo!


Lake City Young Leaders

Visit with Local Business

LCFF had the great fortune to work with youth community members on a variety of projects this summer. Our hope is that we can continue to partner with them on their experiences in Lake City and share with the community on Enjoylakecity.org. This is the first installment of a five part series on visits that the youth made to five local restaurants in the neighborhood where LCFF paid for lunch and asked that the group come back with a little bit about what they learned from the business owner.

Thanks to Denait, a junior at Nathan Hale, for providing a little glimpse into their experience when they went and enjoyed Jose’s Taqueria.


“You don’t risk you don’t gain”, that was what Alberto Morales thought before opening his famous Lake City Taqueria. “Jose’s Taqueria” (named after Alberto’s brother and son) has been located in the heart of Lake City since 2013.  Jose’s Taqueria has authentic Mexican food and his tacos are only a whopping $1.50!  Not only does Alberto sell Mexican food, he sells a wide variety of others like a mean philly cheese steak and some tasty hot wings. It’s everything a girl could ask for!

We asked Alberto what he thinks his customers favorite dish was, he replied “everything”. Alberto has been cooking for 35+ years and I wasn’t surprised at all.  My first bite I could tell he was very experienced in the culinary world, before opening his restaurant in Lake City he had one in Everett.  All I could say is I’m very pleased he came to Lake City.  So if you want very reasonable prices, an authentic meal, and some delicious food; come to Jose’s Taqueria, I’m sure you won’t regret it!

– Denait

Where is Your Passport?

World of Tastes Due in by 9/29/2016

Neighbors Getting Stamped at Korochka

LCFF’s “World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” business promotion program has been a tremendous amount of fun this year. We have been getting great feedback from our wonderful list of businesses and continue to run into locals enjoying the process of exploring some of the incredible options LC has to offer. With just a bit over two weeks left for the program please remember that as few as four stamps qualifies you for the prize drawing. Continue reading “Where is Your Passport?”

World of Tastes Passport


2015 Passport Winners - The Haydens!
2015 Passport Winners – The Haydens!

The 2016 “World of Tastes in the Heart of Lake City” has launched.

This program to support local establishments will run until September 29th 2016. Passports with enough stamps to qualify for a prize should be returned to the Kaffeeklatsch by close of business on September 29th.

Simply make a purchase at any of the participating establishments, present your passport and receive a stamp. Don’t forget to thank the business for taking part. Continue reading “World of Tastes Passport”