Q&A with Missy Young, Owner of Animal Talk and Missy’s Rescue


Q&A with Missy Young, Owner of Animal Talk and Missy’s Rescue

Walking and Talking with Lake City’s Own Animal Whisperer

Enjoy Lake City (ELC) recently met with Missy Young, owner of Animal Talk and Missy’s Rescue. Animal Talk is a full-line pet supply store and Missy’s Rescue is a no-kill shelter for all types of animals who are available for adoption and foster care.

It was a busy day and Missy was multi-tasking. We walked and talked through the store and shelter as Missy answered phones, advised pet owners on a number of dilemmas, waited on customers, completed an adoption, worked with volunteers and used her cat whispering skills to reassure a long haired cat named Bazinga who was definitely not happy about getting his nails trimmed.

All around us were cats and kittens, puppies, snakes, prairie dogs, parrots, chameleons and tarantulas, – whew! – bunnies, love birds, chipmunks, hamsters, possums, sugar gliders and many other furry and scaly friends waiting for homes.

MISSY YOUNG CALMS                                                                                                                        BAZINGA THE CAT AS                                                                                                                                 MINDY GROOMS HIS NAILS.

ELC: Why did you choose Lake City as your business location?

We opened for business on January 1, 1990 in the Roosevelt district. Several years ago, for a variety of reasons, I decided I wanted to close up and move to Alaska. When my customers and friends found out what I was thinking, they didn’t want me to go out of business and even helped me out with several months’ rent on a new place. I live in Bothell so I used to drive past here all the time and I saw the old Rimrock bar was up for sale. We’ve done a lot of work on the store and we’re still working on it.

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Q&A with Sharon Osborne, CEO of Children’s Home Society of WA

Q&A with Sharon Osborne, CEO of Children’s Home Society of WA:

Giving Hope, Gaining Hope and Helping Children Thrive

Enjoy Lake City (ELC) met with Sharon Osborne, CEO of Children’s Home Society of WA (CHSW) and the Children’s Home Society and Trust Foundation to discuss the work of the agency. CHSW, founded in 1896, is the state’s oldest and largest nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of children and families.


ELC: Where did you grow up and how did you get into social service work?

(Sharon) I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, in the city, not on a horse ranch. My grandfathers were a dairy farmer and a tobacco farmer. I grew up with horses and bourbon. My husband says ‘when I met Sharon I thought surely I’d get a few horses out of it, but I didn’t even get a mule!’

I was raised in a day when little girls didn’t think about what they wanted to do except as a wife, especially in the South. Even at an early age, I knew I would not end up in Kentucky. I had a wonderful, traditional childhood and I was happy, but I knew there was something else I was supposed to do in life. My life changed when I was about 14. There was tremendous rural poverty in Kentucky, Virginia, the Carolinas, and Appalachia. On a school project, we went to eastern Kentucky to help plant strawberries in the fields. I saw poverty in terms of shacks with no running water, but also saw an emotional, intellectual, psychological poverty I had never seen. I was so struck and touched by that. From that point forward, I knew this was my calling. Continue reading “Q&A with Sharon Osborne, CEO of Children’s Home Society of WA”

“Vacation in Lake City” Film

Step VideoCome see the best film of the year, “Vacation in Lake City”, made by the STEP program’s Lake City teens. The short film will tackle the issue of a lack of resources in Lake City’s Community Center and parks. There will be a brief discussion about what improvements the neighborhood would like to see in the future. Free PIZZA and REFRESHMENTS will be available! Everyone is welcome!

The teens from Lake City worked really hard on this video, come out and support them and help strengthen our community!

Monday August 22, 2016

At the Lake City Community Center

12531 28th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98125

3:00PM – 4:30PM

Q&A with Annie Stocker, Owner of Two Dog Yoga

Q&A with Annie Stocker, Owner of Two Dog Yoga:

Yoga, the Importance of Community, and
Why It’s Good to Have Three Dogs in Your Tent


Enjoy Lake City (ELC) recently met with Annie Stocker, owner of Two Dog Yoga. We met at Little Dog, Annie’s first studio set on the beautiful grounds of her home. We were greeted by – of course! – two dogs: Bear, a big, friendly chocolate lab, and Hugo, a little Havanese sweetie pie.

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Q&A with Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose’s Taqueria

Q&A with Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose’s Taqueria:

The Art of Cooking and the Search for Inca Gold

Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose's
Alberto Morales, Owner.

Enjoy Lake City visited Jose’s Taqueria, for some great carne asada tacos, chorizo burritos and a chat with owner Alberto Morales. Joining us was our friend, the Mystery Diner.

Alberto Morales, owner of Jose's Taqueria
Jose’s Taqueria.

Enjoy Lake City (ELC): Why did you name your restaurant Jose’s?

Alberto: I named it for my son and my brother. They are both named José. My brother is gone now; God said to him, “It’s time for you to go.” My son was born 9 months to the day that I lost my brother and I named my son after him. My son is 22 now – he reminds me of my brother. They both mean a lot to me. Continue reading “Q&A with Alberto Morales, Owner of Jose’s Taqueria”