New Lake City Developments

Public Comment on New Developments

Friends – Development is coming fast to our Lake City Way corridor. We are currently working on a component of the ELC website to help alert the community to new development proposals and inform on when public comment periods take place. Below are two opportunities for public comment coming up very soon regarding some major developments here in Lake City.

  • Avia Apartments – Meeting regarding 13524 Lake City Way NE is Saturday, January 18th. The meeting will take place on site. beginning at 2:30pm. (See the end of this thread for some ideas for consideration)
  • The Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections just posted #3033400-EG which is at 14040 LCW which appears to be the used tire shop
    •  6 stories, 127 small efficiency units, 5 live work units, 34 parking stalls. Public comments are due by 1.29.20

Click Here for SDCI Portal to View Projects

Below are some questions that might be considered for the Atria Apartments Development at 13524 LCW. These are offered to generate thoughts and considerations.

  • How will garage entry and trash collection be handled with minimum street disturbance for both vehicle traffic and pedestrian safety?
    • Should service entries be combined and minimized?
  • The retail street front requirements may be problematic in this area
    • Is there demand for new ($$$) rental space
    • If retail is planned, can it have utilities available including a vent shaft for food service options
    • Are there any low cost options to encourage local small businesses?
    • Can storefronts be a variety of shapes and materials
  • Is this an opportunity for a public market space?
  •  Mass and bulk of the building considerations will be different on LCW and 35th.
    • Is it possible to have a setback at one or two story height.?
    • Could we avoid big flat window surfaces with repetetive window shapes at the North and South elevations?
  • Would we like to encourage a Lake City “identity” – with bold colors and shapes representing mid century root