New Guidance from WSLCB re: Alcohol and Cannabis Sales

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is taking steps to help licensees throughout this period of business restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are making some temporary modifications to allow businesses to act quickly.

Here are a few quick excerpts of the revised guidelines.

Returns of Alcohol Product
Applies to: alcohol distributors, alcohol licensees
* Due to the emergent circumstances, we are providing approval for distributors to pick up product from businesses impacted by COVID-19, which includes the allowance for distributors to provide a refund for the returned product. This temporary approval will be effective until April 01, 2020.
* Retail licensees impacted by closures may contact their distributor(s) to request the return of product.
Distributors should email Lieutenant Robert Knowles at with the retail liquor license number(s) and product to be returned. This will allow us to track the impacts of the current situation and plan for future response.
* Please remember, this does not change the prohibition against consignment sales.

* Distributors are still not authorized to exchange product for a different product, per WAC 314-12-140.

Curbside Service and Delivery
Applies to: alcohol licensees with “to go” privileges
If your on-premises business has “to go” or “home delivery privileges” for the sale of alcohol, licensees may immediately sell their allowed products to customers outside of their business but within the licensed property line. For, example, a brewery may sell growlers to customers at curbside. Follow this link to Temporary Allowed Services by License Type.
If you currently do not have “to go privileges” but the law allows you to do so, you may apply for that privilege by filling out Temporary Allowed Activities Form on the LCB website. We are working with local authorities to waive or accelerate the 20-day local review requirement.

To view the complete release, which also includes guidance for cannabis retailers  Click Here