Little Brook Clean Up Efforts

Huge Thank You to Muriel Lawty for Organizing

Muriel provided the below report for the organized clean up in Little Brook this past weekend. Muriel has been committed to the neighborhood for years and is gaining some great support from her neighbors on the much needed clean up efforts in the area.

DATE: 1/18/20
NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS: 10 + (see notes)
NUMBER OF BAGS: 6 yard waste bags to pickup at 30th Ave NE & 137th St
3 + yellow bags and trash collected from 32nd Ave and NE 137th St
LOCATION FOR BAG PICK UP: 2 locations this time both spots are by Stop signs
NE corner of 30th Ave NE & NE 137th St – yard waste bags + a tree
and SE corner of 32nd Ave NE & NE 137th St yellow bags + other trash

NOTES/COMMENTS: Our Wonder Team is growing! We had ten volunteers and picked 2 spots to clean on NE 137th Street. We trimmed berry vines and removed ivy from the sidewalk near 30th Ave NE; and picked up trash at 32nd Ave NE near the First Student bus lot. When I took a bag of trash to add to the pile on 32nd today, There were several gentlemen working on a car we thought had been abandoned. Their friend was sleeping in a black car next to where they were working. I told them about our community clean up and one of them asked for bags to pick up more trash from this site! So I gave him bags and hopefully they will have been added to our stash for pick up. Hopefully they will have a chance to get their cars running and moved instead of having them towed as abandoned. We parted on friendly terms and it would be too bad to cause them more problems than they already have, living in cars and moving from spot to spot. I will be talking to Adopt a Street about getting help with trash receptacles in this area so maybe more people will keep things clean instead of just dumping whatever they have in their cars.
If you want to start your own clean-up in Lake City, Chris Leverson will help you with supplies and how to set up a group in your own area. Here is his email:

BIG THANKS to everyone who is helping out!

Muriel Lawty community volunteer
206 328 5206

Please contact if you would like support in creating your own clean up efforts.