Deep Dive Into Development at 14040 LCW

Click Here for the Early Design Review Document

You will find 75 pages of details on the development by visiting the link.

While the public comment period for this development has come and gone there are some components to the design that we offer for your thoughts and future projects where community can engage.

  • There is some break up of the street front massing facing LCW
    • (might have benefited from breaking up on the east elevation since this abuts single family zoned properties and scaling down to better align with neighborhood scale might have been considered)
  • They are using some bold modern colors that respond to mid century architecture styles consistent with Lake City
  • Please consider the need for more definition of the street front commercial space on LCW to differentiate it from the residential sections of the building.
    • This can create a better pedestrian street level sense of engagement and retail definition