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Rezone and Development Standards


This report describes proposed Land Use Code amendments for the Lake City neighborhood of Seattle. The proposed amendments would implement goals and policies for the North Neighborhoods (Lake City) within the Comprehensive Plan, as well as recommendations from the Lake City Urban Design Framework (UDF). The UDF contains further analysis of the proposals described in this report. A Shared Vision for Lake City, appendix B, also describes other actions undertaken by the City and community on behalf of the neighborhoods over the past few years.

Proposal Summary

Since 2013, planners working with the Lake City community have consistently heard a desire for a walkable, pleasant business district and civic core, and for infill development that contributes to neighborhood character. OPCD proposes amendments to the Land Use Code that would encourage a more pedestrian-oriented built environment as property redevelops in the Lake City hub urban village and along Lake City Way.

To support the community’s vision for future development, OPCD proposes changes to the Land Use Code as illustrated on the adjacent map and described in more detail on the following pages of this report.

These changes are proposed in coordination with a host of other City efforts in Lake City, including infrastructure upgrades, expansion of recreation opportunities, and partnerships with community organizations. See Appendix B, a Shared Vision for Lake City, for Mayor Murray’s message to the community and more information about the projects underway.

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Public Outreach

OPCD developed these proposed Land Use Code changes based on community input from a variety of sources. In 2014 and 2015, we worked with an advisory group to identify challenges and opportunities presented by development in Lake City. The advisory group acted as trusted advocates for various stakeholder organizations including community groups, design professionals, business and property owners. The group met regularly to establish guiding principles and recommendations about land use character, building form and height, street front features, parks and open space, and getting around the neighborhood.

We also invited broader participation through five Lake City Future First “community conversations” that were organized jointly by community groups and City staff. Additional information was gathered at Lake City Neighborhood Alliance meetings, during walking tours, at the Lake City Farmers Market, and other special events. Planning Outreach and Engagement Liaisons were hired to help gather input from traditionally underrepresented communities, through a series of focus groups with Chinese, east African, and Spanish-speaking communities. Additional community groups where the future character of Lake City was discussed include: Lake City Community Council, Victory Heights Community Council, North District Council, North District Service Providers, and the Thornton Creek Alliance.

Guiding principles and policy recommendations from this process are presented in the Lake City Urban Design Framework

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