Is LCFF taking over the NS Chamber?

The NS Chamber appears to be continuing under new leadership. LCFF will continue to provide elements that we have heard are important to small businesses here in our community. By providing networking opportunities, business promotion programs, beautification and activation efforts along the business corridor, information and opportunities to engage with community we hope that businesses in Lake City will see value in our work and want to be involved.

Who is going to run the Lake City Community Center?

The North Seattle Chamber of Commerce has finished it’s five year lease of the Lake City Community Center at the end of 2017. The Seattle Parks Department will be providing part time staff for the facility and working with current uses and community members to ensure that the center continues to serve the neighborhood to the best of its capacity. LCFF is eager to work with the City and the Community on this transition.

What will happen to SalmonFest?

There is a great deal of interest in this community to see a Lake City Summer event grow and gatherĀ  community unlike anything else that happens in the neighborhood. LCFF acknowledges that a Summer festival in Lake City is a tradition that needs to continue and we hope to be part of making it happen. We believe that, whatever a summer festival in Lake City might look like, it should better reflect the neighborhood. This type of event does take a commitment from the community. With community support we should all be looking forward to a Summer Celebration in 2018.